'...Antal Cseh's physique, voice and essential behaviour embodied the stability of Figaro but also foreshadowed the fervent emotions at the beginning of the performance, and the stability being endangered, the vision of breakdown near the end.'

(Mozart: Le nozze di Figaro; Géza Fodor, Muzsika, 2006, May)

'The advantageous role of Kecal, the marriage broker was played by Antal Cseh. His bass was ringing powerfully and brightly, he could gabble the words fast when it was needed, and formed the figure distinctively and funnily.'
(Smetana: The bartered bride; Iván Kertész, Új zenei újság [New musical journal], 2008, June)

'Coming on the scene he was immediately convincing and impressed the audience with his powerful baritone voice and attractive look...he also did Raimbaud's aria very well. He got a big applause and deserved it.'
(Rossini: Le comte Ory; Operaportal, 2010, April)

'...singing the role of Creon, with his sonorous bass-baritone and powerful appearance Antal Cseh became a worthy counterpole of Oedipus.'
(Stravinsky: Oedipus rex; László Péterfi Nagy, Operaportal, 2010, January)

'Unlike his partners, Antal Cseh who played Biberach did not only have an idea about his role but could also show it to us.'
(Erkel: Bánk bán; Tamás Jászay, Revizor, 2008, July)

Antal Cseh formed the irresponsible, sometimes despised, then frightening but never demonic figure addition his voice fits the bass-baritone part well.'
(Erkel: Bánk bán; Gábor Bóka, Opera-Világ, 2008, October)



'...a bass voice ringing powerfully and brightly...' (New musical journal – Iván Kertész)