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The young dramatic soprano was awarded prizes of several international competitions.
On 14 June 2008, she won the second place at the world famous international competition, the IV. Monte Carlo Voice Masters, which only takes place every three years. (In this contest only those winning international competitions can take part. )
In May 2008, she took second place at the renowned Riccardo Zandonai International Opera Contest in Riva del Garda, Italy.
In 2007 she won Top Prize at the 16th IBLA Grand Prize International Music Competition, a contest organised by the IBLA Foundation in New York City. Moreover, she was awarded the honouring Verdi, Shostakovich and Giordano Special Prizes as well.
With her remarkable impersonation of Speranza she won the International Monteverdi: "L'Orfeo" Music Competition 2007 (Verona/Mantua). At the same time, by winning the competition, she was given the opportunity of singing together with the other winners at a sequence of performances organised on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of Monteverdi's "L'Orfeo", which took place at the exact site and day of the original première of the piece.
In 2006 she won absolute first prize at the 6th Renata Tebaldi International Voice Competition and was given the honorific "Renata Tebaldi" Voice of the Year prize.
At her first overseas competition, outrivaling several local singers, she finished in the first three; she took the third place at the 9th Czech and Slovak Voice International Music Competition of Montreal.
Besides, it is important to mention that in 2005 she won a stipend to visit the Bayreuth Festival. In addition, in 2002 and 2007, considered as an inspired performer of contemporary Hungarian musical pieces, she was awarded the honouring Artis Jus Prize by the Society of Contemporary Hungarian Composers.
She had several concerts abroad: in Tokyo, New York, Toronto, Milan, Verona, Mantua, Ragusa, Napoli-Angri, Nocera, Baden bei Wien, Hanover, etc.
She has appeared on the stage of the Hungarian State Opera House, the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, the Palace of Arts, and on the stage of theatres in several Hungarian cities like Debrecen, Eger, Nyíregyháza, Miskolc, Szolnok, and Nyírbátor numerous times.

She gave concerts by the side of Jevgenij Nesterenko, Peter Lika, Sharon Rostorf, Éva Marton, Judit Német, Bernadette Wiedemann, Kolos Kováts, Pantea Ionel, András Molnár, Géza Gábor. Among her conductors were Roberto Gini, Yoshikazu Fukumura, Ádám Medveczky, János Kovács, György Vashegyi, Gábor Hollerung, Balázs Kocsár, Lajos Blázy, Philippe de Chalendar, Csaba Somos, etc.

Adrienn Miksch graduated from the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music gaining the title "Master of Music in Singing and Teaching". Her instructors at the academy were Erika Sziklay and Emese Virág. After graduating from the Academy she was admitted to the Opera Studio of the Hungarian State Opera immediately, where she was a pupil of emeritus musical director Géza Oberfrank for two years. This interminable musical friendship holds on to this day; Adrienn considers him to be the most important of all the maestros she had.

She has attended the courses of Jevgenij Nesterenko, Éva Marton, Nadesda Kniplova and Júlia Hamari.

Currently she is touring the world. In Hungary she performs mostly at the Miskolc National Theatre, the Szeged National Theatre and the Hungarian Stae Opera House. She got into the final of the Armel Opera Competition and Festival (October 6-14th, 2011, Szeged).


'Adrienn Miksch is a big revelation...' (Café Momus - Lajos Heiner) 'Her voice is exciting, powerful… She is intelligent, attractive and elegant.' (Operaportal)